ShieldGuard Elite Annual Cyber Protection

  • Part: 1371271
  • Model: ShieldGuard-Elite-Annual
  • Recommended


Service will be provided by Waits at an agreed time.

ShieldGuard Elite takes care of your computer’s needs as well as alerting you to  potential problems before they happen.

ShieldGuard Elite’s advanced technology helps protect the members of your family or workplace from any possible computer threats, malicious programs and undesirable downloads or websites.

Apart from providing a strict and reliable computer protection, this innovative product also takes care of your computer’s overall performance by inspecting your system regularly, ensuring you get the best out of your computer.


Total Anti-virus Protection

Malware Threat Neutralizer

Online Safety Shield

Software Installation Detection

Digital Fortress Guardian

Insightful System Surveillance

Hardware Issue Detection

Remote Control System

Multiple Password Attempt Protection